2014 MBP Super High Roller: HKD$52M Prize Pool

2 November 2014

There were 52 unique entrants including some of the best players in the world and with 50 rebuys, a gigantic prize pool was created.

The winner will be crowned on Monday, November 3rd.

Unique Entrants: 52

Rebuys: 50

Total Prize Pool: HK$51,000,000 (~US$6,573,900)

1st - HK$14,050,000 (~US$1,800,000)

2nd - HK$9,950,000 (~US$1,300,000)

3rd - HK$6,550,000 (~US$845,000)

4th - HK$5,100,000 (~US$660,000)

5th - HK$4,100,000 (~US$530,000)

6th - HK$3,400,000 (~US$440,000)

7th - HK$2,900,000 (~US$375,000)

8th - HK$2,420,400 (~US$315,000)