2016 MBP Jade Series 1 Main Event Champion - Feng Zhao from Singapore

10 October 2016

Congratulations to all the players who finished in the money!  

Here is the full prize payout below:

CHAMPION:Singapore Feng Zhao HKD$310,400


1st runner up:Taiwan Hsiao Chin Hsin HKD$191,840

2nd runner up:Hong Kong Alpha Fu HKD$134,290

4th:Japan Hara Satosh HKD$97,810


5th:Hong Kong Isaac Lo HKD$71,960


6th:Japan Ryota Hisayama HKD$53,760


7th:China Rono Lo HKD$43,120


8th:China Hou Chun Lin HKD$35,940


9th:Taiwan Yang Ssu Wei HKD$30,880