2016 MBP Summer Showdown Schedule Release

25 May 2016

The hot weather not only means summer is coming but also signals an approaching poker tournament, the 2016 MBP Summer Showdown!!

This competition will take place at the MBP Poker room in Babylon Casino from July 23rd to 31st. It will be one of the large-scale poker tournaments in Asia held by MBP. MBP's first tournament achieved a significant record with a prize pool of 180m HKD. With such great track record there's no question this tournament is going to be HOT!

Our team has prepared 11 events in total during this tournament catering to all price ranges.  Check out our Billion Stack tournaments and make sure to join the main event with a 1m HKD guarantee!  Need something more to get your adrenaline going? Join our events with higher stakes!  Registration is starting, so contact our team today!

New poker room. New events. Warm Sunshine. Hot poker table.

Head over to the event schedule page!