Denmark Strong Man vs China Uncle Lin

24 July 2016

We begin our report at the final table where we are already down to 3 players.  A Chinese player holding Pocket 7's shoves ALL-IN against the friendly dane Suenson Mads who calls holding K♥T♥.

Flop Comes: T, 8, 9, 4, 3

The Pocket 7s fail to hold and is out in 3rd.

Hou Chun Lin

The heads up phase begins with Suenson Mads as the chip leader.  Play goes back and forth until Lin shoves ALL-IN with A♥K♥ suited to double up.

After one hour of play, Lin shoves with 7♦9♦ and runs into Suenson's Pocket 5♥5♦

Flop: K♥6♠J♥5♠2♦

Suenson has Lin covered and Lin is out.