Dwan Returns! MBP China vs World Show Match!

18 February 2017

MBP China vs World Match

Event begins March 17th at 4 PM for a total duration of 5 hours.  Both teams will have four team members with each member receiving a starting stack of 50,000 chips.

Event Details:

1. Positions: Two teams, Eight players total on One table.  Seat draws randomly.

2. Blinds: Levels up every 60 minutes with the blind structure as shown on schedule.

3. Win Conditions: After the entire duration of play the team who holds the most chips wins.  Before the entire duration of play, team wins by eliminating all members of opposing team.

4. Prize: Team designates one charity organization for a donation made by MBP.

Team Members?

I'm sure everyone is wondering who we are inviting for this match!  Without further ado, we would like to announce the first member of Team World who is the amazing Tom Dwan!!