Fabian Quoss Wins 2014 MBP High Roller Event

9 November 2014

After nearly 9-hours of play, Fabian Quoss from Germany rose to the top to take the title and HKD$5,271,000. Fabian Quoss defeated Liang Yu from China during heads-up play. Liang Yu took home HKD$3,514,000 for his efforts.

Others breaking into money included Rono Lo in 3rd (HK$2,342,000),  Aaron Lim in 4th (HK$1,952,000), Davidi Kitai in 5th (HK$1,562,000), Ivan Soshnikov in 6th (HK$1,360,000), Anatoly Filatov in 7th (HK$1,171,000), Zhapar Sultanov in 8th (HK$976,000), Phanlart Sukonthachartnant in 9th (HK$781,000) and Isaac Haxton in 10th (HK$586,000).

The last hand played out with Yu simply shoving the button for around 3 million holding QcKs and Quoss called with Ad8h.

It was a dramatic 3h2h6hKcQh board,with Yu taking the lead on the turn, but ultimately falling short on the river when Quoss made a flush to win the tournament!