HK$610K Donated On Behalf of Guangdong Asia Millions Organizers

7 June 2013

2013 Guangdong Asia Millions completed and was a great success.  The world's top poker professionals came from all over the world to participate and created one of the largest prizepools in history.  In our search to give back to the community 10% of the administrative fees were put aside and donated to local charitable organizations in Macao.    

HK$610,000 was donated to the Charity Fund run by the readers of Macao Daily Newspaper.  

This event was a first of its kind in Macao and is the first push into developing a high end market for poker competitions in Macao.  The event was broadcast in six different languages.

The chairman of the Macau Daily News was quick to address the event as a complete success and also becoming an event which attracts poker lovers from around the world to visit Macao in order to experience the unique culture and diverse tourism options Macao has to offer.  The money set aside for the Macau Daily News will be used to support social welfare in Macau in order to keep our promise to give back to the local community.