Hong Kongs Very Own Devan Tang 40K High Roller Champ

28 July 2016

The event was filled with high caliber individuals.  Zhao Wei, fresh from his win at EPT 12 Prague could not  hold Ace-Jack against Xiao Mi's Pocket Queens and was the first to go.  Sun Wong's Pocket 3's fell against Singaporean Alex who hit holding Ace-King.  Xiao Mi ran into a couple nasty flops and soon was eliminated by the Swede Peter.  The final 9 of the event were: Winfred Yu, Gu Huidong Cheung Wei, Yingui Li, Rono Lo, and 3 Swedish players: Mikael, Rickard, and Peter along with Hong Kong's Devan Tang.  As we got into the money, Yingui Li ran his top pair against a 2 pair board.  He was out in 5th.  Gu's King-Jacks did not get lucky against Peter's Pocket 8s and there is our 4th place finisher.  Rono seems impatient running 8-9 Offsuit against Peter's Pocket 5's and he's gone for 3rd.  High Roller regular Devan Tang would face Peter and was able to secure the victory!

Here's what our high rollers finished with:($)

1、Devan Tang - 485,760

2、Peter Andersson - 291,460

3、Rono Lo - 194,300

4、Gu Huidong - 145,730

5、Yingui Li - 97,150