Stanley Choi Wins Macau High Stakes Challenge HK$50.14 MILLION

2 September 2012

Stanley Choi from Hong Kong played 14 hours before going on to win the HK$50.14 million.

The event had a total prize pool of over $180 million HKD and broke the record of being the highest amount to date. The competition saw 73 entries with 12 finishing in the money.  27.5% of the pot is prize money for the winner.

On the final table Choi had tough opponents including Erik seidel, JP Kelly, Phil Ivey and Sam Trickett.  At the end he spent one hand to knock out the final opponent Zhu Guan Fai.

Choi walked away with the first place prize of HK$50,149,000 and Zhu Guan Fai was the runner up going home with HK$33,737,000.